Dialogue - Reservation


Dialogue - Reservation

Hotel: Grand Park Hotel, good afternoon. Can I help you?

Caller: Good afternoon. Yes, Id like to inquire whether therer are two double rooms available from 20 June to 25 June.

Hotel: Just a minute - Ill put you through to th the reservation.

Reservations: Reservations, Mrs Elbe speaking.

Caller: Mercado, Eleanore Mercado skeaking. Id like to know whether there are 2 double rooms available from 20 June for 5 nights.

Reservations: Let s have a look. Well, there is one available with balcony and one without balcony.

Caller: Thats fine. Which other amenities does the room offer?

Reservations: There is a satellite TV, coffee and tea making facilities, a bathrobe and bath slippers, a seperate toilet and shower stall, and 24h room service. You can choose between a queen size bed or twin beds.

Caller: The room with balcony should be equipped with a queen size bed, the other one with twin beds, please.

Reservations: Which name please?

Caller: M-E-R-C-A-D-O.

Reservations: Thank you. Bed with breakfast or half board?

Caller: We only take breakfast.

Reservations: Will you be paying by credit card?

Caller: Yes, Visa, my number is ........

Reservations: Thanks - please let me know your mailadress or fax for you to sign it. Then please fax it back to us.

Caller: Please mail it to emercado@..........

Reservations: Thanks - we are looking forward to seeing you here.

Caller: Good bye.

Reservations: Good bye.